Friday , December 3 2021

Three young men on a motorcycle took a terrible "stick" against a truck and died | chronic


A spokesman for the police said three young men on a motorcycle on Tita Merello street were killed when they hit the back of a parked truck on the highway to the missionary town of Garupá.

The researchers approved. The accident was about 20 kilometers from Posadas in that municipality at 5: 15.

Two of the victims, Daniel Alejandro Torres, 20 years and Mara Belén LescanoWhen I was 24, the other dead girl's identity wasn't confirmed yet.

According to preliminary data collected by the researchers, three young people were going to walk out of a dance bag in an Okinoi motorcycle in the sense of Posadas-Garupá for the reasons they tried to make them crash into the back of an Ivecco truck. was parked.

As a result of this influence, Torres and the girl who had not yet been identified died on the floor, and Lescano was transferred to Escuela y de Agudos Ramón Madariaga at the hospital where he died at 9:30.

In addition, the police corrected the identity given to the woman who first died on the stage, a question that confirms whether another person has a missing identity and has not yet been identified.

He worked on the site at the Scientific Police and 5th police station, took the intervention of Instruction 6.

Accident report (Courtesy Tasks Quadruple)

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