Monday , June 27 2022

This will be the security operation in the Monumental and the celebrations in the Obelisk after the Superfinal.


A besieged city and a reference symbol for the celebration: at the end of this Security officer for the final of Copa Libertadores and the next celebrations that will have their epicenter obelisk Buenos Aires decided at the last meeting of the Security Committee on Friday afternoon.

After throwing the idea of ​​the Nation to organize two huge public spaces, such as the fan festival in World Cups, the project opens again after the veto, after Boca and Voca for the University City River. If the Bombonera, like last Thursday, would win the Boca, because the open practice could result in tragedy due to the excess of the usual exits and the people liberating the emergency, The Ministry of Security and Justice of Buenos Aires guaranteed that the typical place where the fans will take the Olympic tour will be worn in the River or Boca colors..

Actually, The obelisk will assume the color of the winner at 9:00 and wait for the crowd for a party.

It was decided that the City Police would be responsible for an operation. More than 1000 men and paramedics (150 health workers throughout the day, 9 highly complex ambulances and 26 health messages will be used), everything about the party itself in Núñez, The Gendarmerie and Prefectura will be contributing 2000 troops, including federal powers. If added 900 private security staff recruited for the eventwe are talking about 4000 people dedicated to the party leading to peaceas it's supposed to be.

The trial in the court will begin at 9am and the gates of the stadium will open at 4 pm four hours before the game begins. All people own non-transferable ticket and IDRecommendation is to participate as soon as possible.

There will be one Entry list for 200 barrabravasbetween capo, Guillermo Caverna Godoy300,000 tickets and seven million pesos were kidnapped at his home in San Miguel, claiming that he had come from reselling the grand finale.

In addition, to predict the arrival will be the key because of their occurrence. Each fan has 3 security bracelet tickets. The first will be framed between Libertador, Udaondo, Monroe and Lugones Avenue. A call will be made, people will be logged in and most importantly, 200 man of the Safe Tribune To check that none of the bars with restricted input are crossed. The next ring will be 200 meters away from the stadium, where there will be another tight control. And the last one is afraid on the tourniquets where the security forces will be reclaimed, because many fake tickets are in circulation, and when the victims see the handicap, they try to force the situation. It's a speedy thing in Bombonera in the first game.

Inside the stadium, private security will move with two open targets: the continuous flow of people who are not crowded to order the entry and exit points on the other hand, whether it be the blessed river or the Boca, to cover the entire width of the land to prevent any attempt to invade the land.

If the champion is the river, it is estimated that there will be no additional problems. Considering that Boca is and the prize is in the stadium and the maturity of the Argentine fan is still pending, the play area will be strengthened with cash.

In addition to a aerostatic surveillance systemis a visualization mechanism mounted on a hot air balloon. Cameras for day and night use and cameras in real time. 300 meters is capable of rising and It has a 360-degree viewing angle that allows you to define objects that are 2 kilometers away, and you can perform facial recognition and act accordingly to take pictures of anyone who wants to start an event.

Then comes the other operations, which will emerge in the streets. The obelisk will be painted with the color of the championship and will be a system, so the celebration will be as regular as possible.

There will be fences between the city police stationed in the vicinity of Santa Fe, Callao, Belgrano and Bajo streets and the city police stationed throughout the land.

There will also be an aerostatic control system installed and The city's mobile cameras, covering a radius of 50 kilometers and sending in real time, take them to the monitoring center, which will be responsible for monitoring everything that happens..

And everything is expected to happen as a memorable party, but only if you are prepared for Special protection groups in the stadiums, called Doucad and integrated with infantry corpsTake action if necessary. There will be nothing I hope, because the eyes of the world will be buried in this unique event that will experience the city and the whole country in less than 24 hours.

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