Friday , October 22 2021

"This time the risk …" Cinthia Fernández presented an emotional compliment at Bailando 2018!


Looks like she was spreading tears and emotions on the surface last night. This is what the program says on Thursday, December 6th. Dancing 2018 This was the scene of great respects and tributes that led to the admiration of all existing admiration, even Marcelo Tinelli, and did not include the tears and recognized the great performance of the participants.

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Cinthia Fernández Gonzalo Gerber set out with the idea of ​​breaking the previous galaxy and breaking into the scene. Malvinas chose to pay tribute to his former warriors and explained the gruesome story with dancing and an emotional tone of the National Anthem.

Ángel de Brito was the first to evaluate the magnificent staging: Gab It's good to hear the antenna and see Gabo's dance, eyi the journalist said with a secret score. Then, Laurita Fernández said: It's a great opportunity for many parents to tell their children what's going on in Malvinas. It was a tribute to everything. Gabo sauce was incredible. They didn't always address tears, they were very strong, "he said.

Later, Florencia Peña added to his colleagues' opinions and added: bir This time the risk was big because it was a very moving subject. Great team work, "the actress said, and determined the seeker 10. To close the tour, Marcelo Polino:" April 2, not only Malvinas is good to remember. I tied with the story and I punished the podium of the podium, so I sing "linda" and put it on 7.

In this way, Cinthia Fernández raised the second highest score to 27 points and took part in the top seven of the competition led by Marcelo Tinelli. However, the premiers' premiere did not end, they will still follow the famous celebrities tonight: Sol Pérez, Lourdes Sánchez and María del Cerro.

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