Saturday , July 2 2022

"This program …", Mirtha Legrand, Andy Kusnetzoff scored a "stick"


Mirtha LegrandLike all weekends, I'm back to get revenge in battle for every Saturday night. Production of the program diva He used what was in the suspension of the play between River and Boca to make a clear difference with his opponent. Andy Kusnetzoff in a new duel for the audience.

The last time we mentioned was the world scandal and the world scandal from the previous to the super class. Boca players on the bus against the events that occurred in the stadium, deeply affected the violence. I've completed the big sporting event to live. This was the subject monopolized in the media and social networks.

We stayed before the world, disgrace to me, in addition to embarrassers, shame. The kids were there, they couldn't leave the stadium, they wanted to go to the bathroom and the bathrooms didn't work or were sick, shame, Chiqui About regret and gruesome events a few meters from the Monumental, he added: Violence was a horrible thing, what a barbarism, that was so cruel, so mercilessly, I hope it won't happen again

For everyone's astonishment diva I had the opportunity to throw a tip against Andy Kusnetzoff. I'm going crazy, gentlemen, we're going to talk about everything that happened in Buenos Aires today, because this program is alive.

What did Mirtha mean by that sentence? Clearly speaking, we can talk about PH, the cycle of Telefe by Andy, a program like yours, where Mirtha Night is recorded. Exactly how many hours, guys? Ten minutes later, he added the legend of Argentinean television. Once again, Legrand reveals her competition with Saturday's Saturday Saturday Saturday night old winner CQC.

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