Saturday , December 4 2021

this is winter star festival


Monster Hunter World may have stayed in January, but it has not stopped buying content and great excuses for hunting. The last one? Winter Star Festival New World is already being celebrated.

Summer and autumn events, as in spring Astera's meeting room It is decorated with seasonal motifs and thinks of three things: snowmen, workers dressed for workers, and access to nearly all previous event missions.

And on the news? Our manager has prepared a series of missions for a limited time period in which we can buy materials and create a special and winter-looking armor: orion


If we change the winter star coupons, we can get a new one. snowy set for our partner. The cat is a small but brave snowman with a mustache.


In terms of weapons, the event task forest hunter It will allow us to buy daring carrao vouchers to be improved hammer Rasping Pincushion. It is unclear whether it is a weapon or a weapon. Angry bird.


In addition to the above, all players will receive access bonuses and new limited submissions at the beginning of the session, so we need to add a new special menu for a limited time in Astera stores and services.

In other words, some kind of black came to our camp on Friday, and if you were saving for a weapon or a certain material, this is an excellent opportunity.


Finally, two extra and completely added aesthetic content: the winter spirit of the person in charge and a bow tie for Poogie; The first can be used for a limited time.


All these events and missions will be available today and Until 17 December. And there's nothing like a new trailer to start this winter festival.

Monster Hunter World unquestionably, one of the best 2018 games, in fact, crowned Game of the Year in Japan, and is one of the most powerful candidates in the Game Awards. However, Capcom's greatest success was ultimately to conquer the West. And such events justify their success.

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