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This is how Pure Android works in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S


Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s on Android Cake

We love Xiaomi and quite a company. partly thanks to the good work of their devices with the software and, in part, with a high level of hardware, a combination where the company is quite successful.

However, in many cases, we consider how heavy MIUI is as a personalization layer – in spite of the fact that it is the best Android layer – so it is true. At the very beginning of the company's range we wanted to try a ROM with an Android China, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S. This was my experience with a dedicated ROM in a high range at full 2018.

Installation, something crazy

Installing ROMs is not the same as it was a few years ago. and this change does not exist in the process itself; It has some blows that make it harder to "risk" our smartphone to install the custom ROM.

Of course, blocking the Bootloader makes our phone more secure and, if we lose, no one can use it without entering our MIUI account, but it's a double-edged sword. In fact, in many cases, due to some incompatibilities in the company's system, we have no choice but to remove the barriers in the beta system. In fact, everything started there The impossibility of moving from the beta version of MIUI 10, neither beta, nor less, is less than the existence of the Android P in beta.

The opening of the bootloader has not changed much more than a few years ago, and we continue to use our own Xiaomi program, which should have an account associated with that terminal. However, it is because of the inconvenience that Xiaomi may cause you to wait for a month or a month count to start the process. Of course, a month when you cannot change the terminal's MIUI account, This starts the account again and again. An authentic chaos.

Xiaomi mi mii 10 mix with 2s

Similar performance, but a much worse experience with gestures

For a week I had a special ROM on my Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S Android 9.0 This enabled me to use the latest version of the operating system in a completely different way as I normally do at the terminal.

And, as you know, MIUI covers the Android stock experience completely, and although it's very close to the aesthetic and line that Google launched this year, it's still not the same. . As it is seen, it is almost better than this.

Completely pure performance on Android 9.0 was a real pleasure, and the fact is that even though the MIUI 10 finally has tremendous performance in Xiaomi, the experience with a completely clean layer is better. Due to the "impulse" in which the terminal appears along with software that does not have Xiaomi applications and services.

However, this experience has become very impoverished by the gestures of the Android P & # 39; s gestures, and I'm conveying the gestures with the word, because the fact is that the navigation system as we've seen in Android for many years. specificity we can press the home button to show multitasking. There is no more

Of course, this is one of the parts where Google can't keep up with some Android manufacturers, such as OnePlus or Xiaomi. The operating system is perfect at operating level and most importantly: it allows us to enjoy the full-screen experience in any application, which is the reason for having a navigation system in motion.

Mix 2s with xiaomi mi android p notifications

Camera to return to MIUI

On the other hand, the experience with the camera has left us quite cold, because it does not have the potential to shine, as it is a Private ROM that does not explicitly integrate the software adapted to the sensor. and this is one of the biggest obstacles we have on this subject today.

Of course I installed the Google camera optimized for Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, And the results are as good as the MIUI camera, as we saw below. The GCam provides very good interpretation of the color and the detail level is slightly higher.

However, this experience is quite the opposite, as the MIUI camera is simple and fast to take photos. And as if that was not enough, all camera modes are definitely working, With exactly what we expect from a range of performance.

In GCam, it took us 2 to 7 seconds to take another photo due to the slowdown in the HDR + process; Although this greatly improves the photos, it is also causing us a certain slowness. situations are very incompatible. If you use the Google camera, you can quickly forget to take 3 snapshots.

Xiaomi mi mix 2s rear camera

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