Saturday , May 21 2022

They shot at a sex party, played videos and ended up scandalous | The Diary of Cuyo


The main news from a group of friends from the city of Saenz Peña in Chaco was all the neighbors said. Did these kids have a sex party in the fifth grade in Corrientes? They organized everything in a very detailed way, but they forgot the privacy. The infidels were recorded and the videos spread quickly to social networks until they quickly reached one of the groups' wives. It all ended in a scandal that could never stop growing.

In the videos available on Facebook and Twitter, you can see a group of men in a villa with a swimming pool, dancing with women and consuming alcohol. In Transpired, the party was to be celebrated in the state of Corrientes, where the spouses claim that they will join.

The case was a scandal in the town after the film was filmed. Material was shared through networks and all spouses of respondents were informed.

The first woman he heard was sending videos to party participants and their wives. Um I sent the video to all the guys I forwarded last night, so I already knew what they were doing, im and the woman came up with a viral voice.

In addition, he said he wanted one of the video participants not to upload it to the Internet: ğ The first thing they do is, Mati, & # 39; please don't do anything & # 39; I mean. & # 39; It & # 39; Please don't viralize the video & # 39 ;? Can you believe it? Then ask them … what? "

He then explained that audiovisual material was sent by a person "who wanted me to open my eyes". According to voice, her husband and friends had set up a separate group in WhatsApp to coordinate the logistics of the journey and collect the necessary money.

Finally, the voice of one of the spouses participating in the event was also made public, he said: "The puterio begins to be incredible, they will leave".

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