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They find a man killed and they hold his wife's lover for the crime – 02/12/2018


Matías Arismendi (26) was found guilty of gunning down the head at Campana House and arresting his wife's lover. He fell because he tried to simulate suicide, but serious mistake: took the gun and hid her cousin's property.

After the arrest of Oscar Parma (25), the main hypothesis discussed by the researchers was that the problems between them were both Disagreement due to commercialization of narcotics.

Everything happened on Saturday afternoon, when there were 1. Police Station officers. The call came after the Campana of San Juan warned about a dead person about a place in 920 in between Pedro Omar and Vigna, Campana.

When the police came home, they found it. a shot in his head died.

Everything seemed to indicate that it was a possible suicide, but there was a key element at the scene: a knife, a .16-caliber cartridge, and a few lumps in the body; They couldn't find the gun, a shotgun..

When the researchers interviewed Arismendi & # 39; s wife, he pays the price initially suicide hypothesis. But when they talked to the last person who was with the victim, something didn't cover them. This is Parma, which accepts her words.

However, the police carried out various operations and at that time, Arismendi's accused took the .16-caliber shotgun, probably without using or enumerated. I was hiding in Parma's cousin's house.the speaker added.

Before the evidence was collected, he changed what he described as being his wife's wife, and told the researchers that they saw Parma leaving the scene after being held. a discussion With her husband.

Sources say she accepted him. He had a loving relationship with Parma. and the inmate and her husband blamed each other for the sale of drugs. He also stated that when he died, both of them were continuing a struggle involving a shotgun that had killed the husband.

As a result of these new statements, the UFI 2 of the Judiciary Division Zárate-Campana ordered the arrest of Parma for the prosecution of Matías Ferreiros' case prosecutor. aggravated murder with the use of weapons.

Source: Télam

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