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They confirmed that the CTEP militant was shot in the back.


CTEP moves yesterday to demand the release of Orellano's death Credit: CTEP

An autopsy in Rodolfo Orellana, who was killed early on Thursday, confirmed that he was shot in the back of a 36-year-old Free Culture Organization CTEP militant in Ciudad Evita, La Matanza. Justice is investigating whether, at the time, it was a weapon of the Lombardy police, or if there were any weapons near the Bridge 12, in the area known as the Land of the Italians, near the crossing of the Riccheri highway and the Bel Road. .

He still could not save the mystery that could clear this mystery, and according to the pre-autopsy, he entered the shoulder wing and passed through the face area in the nose area. The study, two medical reports published yesterday, spoke of a sharp element of injuries.

Through a communiqué, CTEP, led by Juan Grabois, targeted the Buenos Aires Police on the basis of witness data. However, unlike the conference, the text offered hours for hours before sharply accusing the province's force – it refused to be certain. NATION tried to consult the missed Grabois.

Neither Buenos Aires's chief prosecutor, Julio Conte Grand nor state security minister, Cristian Ritondo, finally came to believe that the bullet came from groups confronted with takeover. First, "all hypotheses are being analyzed", and the second mentioned sanctions have attracted attention, if Orellana is found to be a uniformed officer.

Santiago does not stop being striking if Santiago Maldonado and the police Luis Chocobar (who killed young people Pablo Kukok), María Eugenia Vidal, and the hard-to-cross accusations produced and maintained around the organization's position.

Ası We still cannot verify the mechanics of Comrade Orellana's assassination, there are cross-versions of the causes of death, the police of Buenos Aires confirmed that there was a wound in a clash, that most of the witnesses were police. which is on the Excluded Labor Movement page.

Yesterday, in the early hours, Conte Grand said that all the hypotheses were being investigated and that the intervention had been given by the Policemen Police to the Interior, giving them a list of the soldiers who had been assigned to protect property without weapons. When the events began, they went to the place from the nearby police stations.

I In principle, they were carrying rubber bullets for all the troops and possible shocks to ensure the safety of the shot, but when carrying the case, reinforcements began to emerge and we had to verify the weapons they were carrying, te he explained. Chief Prosecutor.

Ritondo protected this line. "In two hypotheses [enfrentamiento entre bandas o represión policial] We will cooperate with the Minister of Security to know the facts, because the death of anyone in the state is sad.

Neither the video drawn by Orellana's comrades, nor his helplessness about what they were trying to react to, or the call of 911 suggests that his voice would not be enough to arouse suspicion.

In the video recorded on a phone, Orellana's comrades are openly accused of police (images have patrol signs). In a call to 911 and a background sound that reflects the same helplessness, one person states that he is "two injured people" and speaks of "a conflict."

In La Plata, though, they do not speak publicly, they believe that the projectile's trajectory is a smaller caliber than the one used by the police. The investigation, however, was blamed for Jorge Yametti, prosecutor of La Matanza's Homicides UFI.

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