Tuesday , October 19 2021

They burn the candles of Scocco in the river.


campus river This is early Thursday in the Spanish capital arrib. as mouth, half way before, and waiting for revenge forever. Libertadores Cup On Sunday, December 9 at Santiago Bernabu.

After the journey Marcelo Gallardo and his players went to Eurostars Tower Hotel, one of the most important streets of Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana, which is 5 minutes away from the stadium and will wait for the historic game against Boca.

After the planned rest millionaire He started his first education in Ciudad Deportiva del Argentina at 14:00 hours in Spain. real MadridIn Valdebebas.

Regarding football news mueco You can definitely count on Juan Fernando QuinteroLeft calf contracture and Rodrigo MoraThe right hip is suffering from a synovitis. Both players received medical discharge.

However, the bad news millionaire passes through the old Newell Ignacio Scocco. After leaving the court for a month after the challenge against Estudiantes, the Striker will not give the time to be discharged, although the second Superfinal match has been postponed for several days.

For now, "NachoTi He made the definition in practice, then moved in a differentiated way with the ball. BandThe right calf saves a tear. in riverAlthough their presence in the Superclassic is questionable, they burn candles.

Also, I published a video on social networks that a fan would ask in the last hours. Scocco On Sunday and Nacho It was a no-nonsense. But because it is more than a special match, the fanatics added to such an important part for the group as the striker, and perhaps the technician, his companions, fans, and the player, are all miracles.

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