Tuesday , July 27 2021

They attacked a panelist from El Trece and brutally beat him: "I thought they were killing me."

When he was approached by a gunman who threatened a gun, he was about to go home with his truck.

Girdi I came from Luis and Luciano's house, a few of my friends, and suddenly approached my window, and if I didn't open the door, I went to the wanderer and went inside. She pulled me out of my hair, tossed it on the floor and, pointing at me with a gun, she said to me, en I'm going to burn you, p tı son ere, said Teleshow Caprarola.

The event took place around six hours in the afternoon, around the Quinta de Olivos. "I thought of my old woman, after my brother's and father's death, I found the worst moment in my life, and I said to myself: 'Another son who died in the old woman.' I thought he killed me … Violence and the man's reaction, how he defeated me and he pointed at me af,, admitted the panelist.

When a few people approached the truck, when they warned against their screams, the criminals pulled the clock off and said, ular When he started to see people because of screaming, he automatically got on a motorcycle and left. Birkaç

Researchers are trying to get any clues to the vehicle's fingerprints or the identity of the attacker: "I think they were following me, the police said there could be an entrance because I opened the car to an electronic door, but I don't have my keys, because it's not my home, because when I can't open it, he reacted violently. o

"Before that, the guy had already done something similar in Puente Saavedra, but he wasn't looking for the truck or the clock: he wanted to enter the house," he said thanking the security guards at Quinta de Olivos in this difficult moment.

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