Friday , May 20 2022

They arrested two people for alleged links to terrorist groups


Two people arrested alleged links with terrorist groups. Researchers are trying to determine if there is any connection with the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in late November.

As you know Infoba toA few months ago, the Security Ministry asked for the arrest of two people. Interpol alert.

It all came about eight months before a Colombian citizen's arrest in Cuba. Colombians on the phone Interpol, two Extreme and violent organization of Islamist traits.

Sources have announced two detainees, according to telephone taps marked homophobic properties. For some, they prepared an attack during the march of the gay community scheduled for next Saturday. They also detected links

Two Argentines were arrested last Friday, one in Buenos Aires and another in Conurbano and investigated on Monday. According to judicial sources, refused accusations and refused to testify. The case was confidential and two were in the Anti-Terror Unit.

The trial was held in the Franco Picardi case by the prosecutor, and the investigation was dropped to the federal judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral.

Last week, the British government gave its citizens to Argentina "Terrorists can try to provoke attacks during the G20, and attacks can be without discrimination, including to foreigners and haunts of foreign travelers.".

Although the State Department says the warnings have nothing to do with the G20 operation, the fact is that the warnings created some concerns in Casa Rosada and created a strong problem in social networks.

. The purpose of the Foreign Bureau's travel advice is to provide information and advice to help British citizens make their own decisions when traveling abroad. All recommendations are constantly reviewed and periodic updates are made."They said Infoba to Foreign Office spokesman

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