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They arrested the most wanted rapist in the country: he escaped in 2013 by attacking a police officer who protected him.

Braunton was sentenced to 40 years in prison for raping nine womenbut i was wearing Five years on the run After a prison guard was put to rest and leaving his country with his lover during a temporary prison break, he gave a judgment that a judge had given him to visit his mother in Merlo.

Walter Interpol

Walter Brauton's Interpol red alert.

Walter Brauton's Interpol red alert.

According to the newspaper pipeIt was after lunch, and Brauton invited the man who would protect him when his mother and some of his friends drank them. Dude had a sleeping pill and therefore fainted a few minutes after the guardiaccelcel. This series was the escape of the rapist and his wife: they both left the country by plane and fake documents.

On the occasion of the recognition, nine victims, without hesitation, pointed out the benefits that they had learned on television. It's already late. He crossed the border.

Brauton & # 39; s pair could not bear to be too far from their daughter.. On August 20, 2015, after two years of escape, the police returned to Buenos Aires to embrace his little girl, but the police seized him with an order.


Walter Brauton had been running away from Justice since 2013.

Walter Brauton had been running away from Justice since 2013.

Serial violation

Brauton was married, with two children. I lived in Marcos Paz and worked as an accountant at a Tortuguitas automobile dealer.

He had a pattern of modus operandi: he moved around the western part of Buenos Aires, seeking young people, even teenagers. He threatened them with a gun and raped some areas. He used a condom in the back seat of his car.

So he was abused Loma Hermosa, Merlo, San Alberto, Castelar, Moreno and Ituzaingó in that place arrested When he wanted to rape a dentist who was resisting the stones.

Four years later, in 2009, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison. seven violations, three sexual abuse attempts, robbery and nine abuses. The sentence came from Moro's TOC No. 2, but it was also the same that gave it to extraordinary places.

He escaped for eight years and lived in Bolivia for five years. Now you have to finish handing your sentence to prison.

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