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They are seeking a small accusation accused of shooting a 3-year-old girl in a robbery – 11/10/2018


A three-year-old baby was admitted to a istikrarlı serious ester state, despite the fact that the police were stable according to the sources, after the attempted assault on the Villa Ballester town of Buenos Aires. At the attack, they are looking for two teenagers at the age of 17, one of them is the author of the shot and one of 21 people.

The victim was injured in the "La Rana" villa about 18 this Friday afternoon. His mother, Maria Gimena Gularte (34), arrived at the Renault Clio. By following the instructions of your GPS.

The sign of the bullet. (Photo says Mario)

The sign of the bullet. (Photo says Mario)

At the intersection of the streets of Bahía Blanca and Bermejo, the woman and her daughter were attacked by three assailants who threatened her with a gun and wanted to steal her car.

According to the sources, Gularte stepped up to try to escape and one of the attackers opened fire on the car. Bullet one of the rear windows and slammed into the back of the babyHe was sitting in a safety seat. Thieves tried to escape.

Seeing his daughter hurt, Gularte went to San Martin's Belgrano hospital. There she was operated and she was transferred to the sanatorium of Anchorena. According to the sources of this Saturday afternoon event, it was decided, although the situation is still serious.

Researchers have already identified three attackers. They pointed pipeThis is about 17 years old, two young and 21 years young. One of the little ones would be the writer of the wounded shooter. The three had a theft background and would be hidden in the villa "La Rana", one of the hottest parts of the San Martin party.

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