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these are the Google alternatives of your messaging application


He saw himself coming. Google introduced Hangouts Chat and Hangouts last year Hangouts To focus only on the professional field, all the ballots in the normal version were closing and will do so in 2020. Hangouts participates in the closure of Google Allo.

One source has approved 9to5Google that Google will close Hangouts in 2020. Users will only be able to use this messaging service in 2019. At some point in 2020, he'il stop working and get lost. Google will focus on other messaging applications.

Hangouts closes at 2020


Hangouts In 2013, as a result of the merger of Google Talk and Google+ Messenger, Google was born to try to compete more strongly against WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but Google could not get the game right and didn't get the success it wanted. Three years later, the development of Hangouts was halted by the launch of Google Allo, resulting in fewer successes than Hangouts, and Google announced the closure earlier this year.

In the last two years Hangouts Google has hardly ever benefited from major fixes. Google was limited to bug fixes and minor improvements. However, no significant developments were added during this period. Google focused on late Allo Hangouts Chat and Meet for companyand new Google Posts.


HangoutsThis depends on the device.

What's with the Hangouts Dialer?


the Future Dialer Hangout It's a mystery. This Hangouts plugin that allows us to look up phone numbers using VoIP Google sound rates It has not been updated since 2015. Google & # 39; s likely to install this service. At this point, you can search your contacts for free by voice call or applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Skype. We have to see what Google will do with the balance that users have to call with Hangouts.

Hangouts dialer: calls

Hangouts dialer: calls0.1.100944346

Alternatives to Hangouts from Google

Hangouts Chat and Meet

Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet The official successors of Hangouts, two separate apps: one for chatting or for group video calls. Great problem only for G Suite companies. Individuals cannot use this application.

Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat2018.11.09.221524476_prod

Google Posts

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The strongest bet Google has tried to manage messaging Google PostsThe official Android app for messages (SMS / MMS) and chat (RCS) where important developments such as associating our Google account and integration are expected in the coming months. Google Now.


PostsThis depends on the device.

Google Duo

Google Duo

Google & # 39; s bet to make video calls between individuals duetbut right now he's just letting us look for one person. Maybe add group calls to fill the gap left in the future with Hangouts.

Google Duo: high-quality video calls

Google Duo: high-quality video calls43.0.222101433.DR43_RC20

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