Friday , October 22 2021

"There will be a campaign and we will not talk anymore"


Franco Armani became the goalkeeper of the Argentine team in the last World Cup. Therefore, in Europe, one of the most recognized players in the river team. In fact, foreign media pass on to it when there are possibilities. The first response is "mental, mental and how do we prepare for the game?"

Bizim We wanted to play at home, in our court and in our people, but they deserved it, but we decided and we had to give them the best, give them the title they deserve, like us, ız she asked in a reflection, not a refusal. monumental.

And only for supporters millionaireFor those who have the chance to see the final in the stadium, Casilda sent them a message: "We will support you from different parts of Argentina and from all over the world, we will offer you the best.

The wait took a long time, the goalkeeper "enjoyed" and Santiago Bernabu wanted to take any chances of defining a Cup outside the green lawn. "The ac is played and won in court, there will be a pitch on Sunday and there will be no more talk, which cannot happen again in Argentina and the winner will be seen on Sunday".

Some of the most outstanding statements Armani:

Too much to expect something positive? "The positive side, the one we played, the middle of the Cup and we wanted to win it, we all came to win, that each one was a dream and a longing, we should put aside what it is … What happened, it happened and it can't happen again."

mouth Does it have the advantage of playing as a visitor? ”No, you don't have to think about it, neither of us have a small advantage, we should show it in the field, and we should take advantage of the results we get from the visitors.“

Wait: "We've always focused on the final play, the way we're going to play, we're always focused on this game and we're never strayed from that."

Imagine the game: "Boca & # 39; s played, trapped and rubbed, waiting and emerged to come out, because of the difference that makes personalities, we play every court as we offer the match will make a difference.

Playing in Santiago Bernabu: "A beautiful scene, a beautiful court, we can't say the ball is bad, so we have to enjoy this beautiful scene."

Message on both sides: "Live football in peace, this is a game, it comes to live in peace and have fun. This is what is going on, what to do and what to do, enjoy and Team."

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