Thursday , December 3 2020

There are 750,000 children without additional doses against measles.

Between 13 months and four years, more than 750,000 children, namely 27% of the total, did not receive an additional, free and mandatory dose against measles and rubella, notified the Secretary of the National Ministry of Health. He reminded that the vaccination campaign will end on November 30th.

"We call on the family to go to the closest vaccination centers, including a compulsory and free vaccination for children between 13 and 4 years old," the ministry said. Said.

During the campaign conducted every four years to begin to reduce the impact of these pathologies on October 1, 2,054,779 children received an additional dose.

"About the total doses to be applied for the target population, we have already established 2,817,000 doses, but we still need to get 750,000 children, which means we have a 73% coverage to date," he said. Immunopreventable Diseases (Dicei) is responsible for Cristian Biscayart Control.

He added: “It is very important that those who are not yet able to get their children can do what is missing these days to achieve a higher coverage than we have. Ş

According to Dicei's data, the Jujuy, Corrientes and Chaco states reached 97.8%, 94.5% and 91.5% respectively.

In the meantime, La Pampa, Salta, Mendoza, Rio Negro, San Luis, Neuquén, Santiago del Estero, Cordoba, La Rioja and Chubut provinces are between 80% and 90%. The city of Entre Rios, Catamarca, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires occupies an area less than 80%.

"It is very important to recognize the work of vaccine teams in the country and the rights of their parents to be vaccinated, because they understand the importance of this additional dose to increase the number of immunity," Biscayart said. Said.

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), according to data, since the beginning of the year since October 23, 8.091 in 11 countries of the Americas, managed by Venezuela, including 85 deaths reported in cases of measles. 5,525 cases and 73 deaths), Brazil (2,192 cases and 12 deaths) and the United States (142 cases).

In Argentina, 14 cases have been recorded in 2018 so far.


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