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The use of electronic cigarettes is becoming increasingly common among young people


The average age of the main consumers is 24 years. Despite the prohibition of sales, the country continues to market and the dilemma about the advantages of its use continues to divide waters among experts

The use of electronic cigarettes is becoming increasingly common among young people

"We didn't find any evidence that electronic cigarettes cause young people to smoke less" / shutterstock

Vaping sign prohibited? A possible alternative or difficult option is the fact that the electronic cigarette represents the "new cell phone" for most and is limited in sales in the country, despite the fact that there is a serious limitation for artificial health Artificial tobacco expanding and increasing risks?

After the first International Forum on Electronic Cigarettes in Buenos Aires has been organized within the first few days of the Latin American and European societies, the electronic cigarette is the biggest contradiction in whether it is being used to combat consumption. Tobacco Everyone has something to accept: Vaping – unlike traditional cigarettes, there is nothing healthy. Moreover, one of the most disturbing consequences of the congress was that this device could be even more dangerous, as it is supposed to be a technology fetish for the new generations facing traditional eyes with bad eyes.

According to Daniel Buljubasich, chairman of the Argentine Respiratory Medicine Association (AAMR), who is on the last forum, young people under the age of 24 are the main consumers of electronic cigarettes. "The sale of these cigarettes in Argentina is banned," says Buljubasich, but is still marketed public knowledge. In addition, we are in a country where the framework agreement has not been ratified and we have not made it a public health policy Buna.

In our country, 26.7% of the population aged 18 to 24 years are smoking, "says Buljubasich

The electronic cigarette, also known as a vaporizer or vaporizer, consists of a cigarette or a similar container, an internal battery for generating heat, and a charge with a liquid solution producing a vapor carrying different substances to be inhaled when heated. ). The liquid solution consists of nicotine, sweeteners and other chemical products; When it is heated, not only nicotines but also other chemical products that are toxic to health and carcinogenic are also produced.


The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) of the World Health Organization (WHO), which has been in force since February 2005, is the first international public health treaty to establish a package of measures to control the tobacco epidemic. So far, 181 countries have ratified the FCTC, while Argentina signed it in 2003, but it is one of the few countries that have not yet done so.

"Today, tobacco consumption in young people is worrying," says Buljubasich. In our country, 26.7% of the population aged between 18 and 24 years are smoking.

"We couldn't find any evidence that electronic cigarettes cause young people to smoke less"

Lauren Dutra, the lead author of the study conducted by the University of California

"The sale of these cigarettes in Argentina is prohibited, but is still commercialized.

Daniel Buljubasich, President of the Argentine Respiratory Medicine Association (AAMR)

On top of that, Gustavo Zabert, head of the Latin American Thoracic Society (ALAT), said that Z the things that attract young people are the most attractive. Bun Fruit trees and chocolate aroma are the most popular among electronic cigarette consumers. In principle, we try to limit these sweeteners and ad spaces as a way to reduce consumption. "

He asked me if new devices were less harmful than common tobacco, ERS president Mina Gaga: "If they ask me that they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, no information is available. Reliable, I respond as follows: According to a study, only 36% of people shot with a 22-caliber pistol were dying from this injury, which is less harmful than other calibrators? bir

According to the World Health Organization, it should be said that some substances detected in electronic cigarette vapor have toxic and carcinogenic risks, although there is an aerosol which is a in new source of air pollution Dünya.

And only WHO warned about the dangers of this device. Recently, a study by researchers from the University of California tried to ensure that so-called electronic cigarettes, alternative to cigarettes, actually attract young people who would not consume tobacco products.

In particular, researchers have concluded that many young people who have started using normal cigarettes may have never used nicotine without electronic cigarettes.

Lauren Dutra, co-author of the study, said, "We couldn't find any evidence that electronic cigarettes cause young people to smoke less," he said. "The recent decline in the number of young smokers has probably been due to tobacco control efforts, not electronic cigarettes."

The findings published in the American magazine Pediatrics were based on evidence that adolescents who started to use electronic cigarettes later increased the likelihood of consuming traditional cigarettes.

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