Monday , December 6 2021

The surgeon's massive movement: "Opponents, not opponents"


This afternoon, the most passionate Argentinean football classics took place in Tucumn. San Martn remont, Pons, Acevedo and "Tino" Costa's goals 2 to 0. With this result He had the chance to become Atltico's leader in the Super League and gave him an undefeated game without losing his home. In addition, For the same amount mentioned previously, and it was not enough This victory took him out of the area of ​​the fall.

All Santo, after the victory, was a time and thanked his opponent for his attention during the day.. With your official Twitter account, He emphasized the excellent organization of the match played today at Jos Fierro. It is an extraordinary gesture that is seen very little in Argentine football.

"Beyond the great victory, we must emphasize the perfect organization of the party, thanks to CASM leaders, collaborators and the press department of Attico, Monumental, opponents, enemies, thanks for the excellent attention", write the Surgeon after following the match.

Previously, the hero of the night, Alberto Costa, could not hide his happiness: "In a very difficult court, we won a great encounter, this team stands out, the goal is salvation, We both came as a team with different realities, but we got in and started to win.".

"We're looking for this We have our goal there. A fight all year round. But to throw a goal in a classic, in this way, I waited for this match in the first one, and I am the person who triumphed on him, just makes me happy and happy, "Tino said.

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