Wednesday , February 24 2021

"The skeleton operated …" destroyed Nicole Neumann

Surely we had to make a list of the most beautiful women in Argentina. Nicole Neumann It will be one of the leaders of the ranking of these goddesses. She always exudes beauty with very elegant, endless legs and very beautiful features. model It attracts its fans in media and social networks.

After the rumors that he was not in any more relationship with Matas Tasn, the couple, who drew attention to the absence of his birthday, was very hot and they were the kisses of Costanera on a bowling alley. conductive City Magazine, with businessman leaving a month ago.

Now, panel participant de Cort por Lozano is once again very happy and in love with his lover, and will forgive him for disappearing the day he reaches the age. As it is known, Tasn would organize a lightning trip with friends for that date, and this was the real reason for the rupture without being noticed by the media and the pressure of the heart.

Again very well with his galn, Niki He dared to show a very emotional photo from his own account, where he posed in a very special way: lifting a leg to show off his fabulous boots. Internet users, however, did not like this image and were “ordinary”, ameliyat abnormal “,” vulgar “,” skeletal surgery ”,“ groncha beğen, among other things.

I looked at the most powerful comments against him:

railinpalumbo This is the more terrible pose! And outfits as well !! Less than two points!

ominagoetz1.rg Very rough pose !!!!! Unnecessary … I do not follow

rominagoetz1.rg loves himself less … feeling sad, lack of love and attention reduces him as a woman very little

Ordinary lunitagarc

stolen5595 The skeleton worked with terribly outfits!

romiscarfo Canary directory less than meat

silviaaquino8176 Looks like anorexic

marcela_carlosena Need a little muscle! Very skinny! Clothes don't shine! Close!

shirleyalvarezmartinez48 I don't like this photo

vickyy.fernandezz Terrible pose … if I had more right or left I do not know which leg … haha

ariadna.pu Mmmm sauce super super cute but impressed by your extreme weakness

a skull of a flavitar

tanariveros This pose gives a rare asquito photo that looks like a disgusting person, borr is not your best image

debie_pon Zero elegance … I think Pose the groncha sperma ….

ivanabeltran_ Jjajajja that fotoooo went to cao with skating like that … hahaha

marce_bea12 Looks like a chicken's legs mar

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