Monday , June 27 2022

The retail dollar raised more than one peso this Friday and closed the week at $ 38.50.


surprise in the city

The jump of the ticket is about disarming the positions in the pesos before the rates of the Center fall. Also lack of liquidity

The dollar closed this Friday with a strong upward pressure on Friday, when the trade positions were disarmed (assets from pesos to dollars) and affected by the small volume affected by the holiday volume until the end of the week. United States of America).

So things work $ $ stay at $ 37.60 on the last day of wholesale dollars threw a peso with ten cents. "Since the rise of today, the rise has not been repeated since September, and has changed the exchange rate to a level similar to the early days of October," said Gustavo Quintana, PR Cambios' operator. Said.

In fact, the ticket reached $ 37.90 in no more than half an hour after the closing, when we saw the purchase pressure, which could not find out who sold it, and therefore saw the price jump.

In this way, in the week ending, the wholesale exchange rate rose to sixty-seven cents compared to last Friday's close.

Related to The retail offer saw a significant jump in a pesos with ten cents to also close $ 38.50 (short 1.52 pesos a week). Even at some banks, he came to pay fifteen cents more. The Central Bank is more than the average of the city's main assets.

The upward movement of the invoice, which will continue next week, will definitely have to cancel the rate cut. On Friday, however, the monetary authority continued with the last weeks of downward progress.

An auction of 10 days realized the Liquidity Letters, and the amount was $ 134,844 million. The average cutoff rate was 61.405%.

"In Argentina, people do not have fixed conditions as long-term savings, because they have more than the dollar. Then he makes a profit and returns to the dollar. Be careful with BCRA, don't take your head."CEMA economist Carlos Rodríguez.

"How can BCRA reduce the excessive response of the exchange rate, reduce the interest rates and extend the implied ones in the future maturities? Game: Capital gain in the pesos curve (duration effect) ratio with the compression of the head. .

Bank by bank

In all banks in the city, the dollar was closed over $ 38. Mostly, it's over $ 38.50.

The contributions according to the average of the Central Bank were:

Banco Galicia: 36,60 – $ 38,60

Banco Nación: $ 36.75 – $ 38.45

ICBC Bank: $ 36.85 – $ 38.85

Banco Francés: $ 36.41 – $ 38.39

Banco Supervielle: $ 36.40 – $ 38.20

City Base: $ 36.75 – $ 38.65

Banco Patagonia: 36,65 – $ 38,65

Banco Santander: 36,60 – $ 38,60

HSBC: $ 36.30 – $ 38.30

Banco Crediccop: 36,55 – $ 38.47

Banco Itaú: $ 36.50 – $ 38.50

Banco Macros: $ 36.20 – $ 38.10

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