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The quality of life of cancer patients is enhanced by the support of the couple.

Orientation in Life and Health Quality in Psychology, Felipe de Jesús Díaz, Doctor and University of Guadalajara, explains blow negative It also produces a cancer diagnosis if the couple is a conscious person, which helps clarify doubts and myths, such as the possibility of survival.

In the case of breast cancer, for example, "there are people after getting the diagnosis" tragicallyWhen the expectation is super wide, you have a good chance to live, "he said.

In the social support network of the patients, the couple and family were added. occupy a priority placeHowever, this network may consist of friends, pets, survivors, or a religious group.

The case of Sebastián and Julia

for Sebastian, work, take care of your four daughters and give your family every kind of support is a priority Juliehis wife continues his struggle breast cancer Who identified him four years ago. Having a partner who supports the diagnosis of cancer patients, such as Sebastian, ted changes the level of perception that he lives and attends to medical treatment positively ted for experts.

According to Julia, her husband and daughters are the ones who informed, encouraged, and encouraged her, because they had no other relatives, such as her parents or siblings, who were "no longer with us, they were inside," Julia said. In spite of muscle pain in the arm and back, own result of operationJulia found a job that didn't require much physical effort and tried to live a full life with her family, she said.

Sebastián is currently working in this field, until he finds a person who says that he cannot continue his work when he constantly changes jobs. every 22 daysmedical appointments where his wife, neither her daughters nor daughters would leave her alone. ”You have to be there all the time, sometimes you need something not just financial support, but something moral and emotional,“ he said.

His support for his family strengthens Julia, his four daughters, and even himself; because he understands how important his efforts are to the struggle against which his wife is accompanied by difficulties. "If he or his daughters are not, then God will know, I guess he wasn't here anymore.. What he should be, will, but never give up, because I never have to, because my engines here, "Julia said, nodding and smiling.

Felipe de Jesús Díaz emphasized the importance of oncology patients and social support networks to adopt a healthy lifestyle in their habits of thinking, such as being more selective for information consumption. Guess 100% of emotions and moods of people On the contrary, a good olan cultural nutrition iye will support the perception of openness, well-being and hope that has a positive impact on treatment.

Families like Julia and Sebastián tell which families they have reached. witness To show that hope and yes, you can overcome this diagnosis initially considered tragic and decisive. "

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