Wednesday , October 20 2021

The powerful message of Oriana Sabatini for the release of Rodrigo Eguillor: "They will continue to violate us"


This Thursday, after he was released Rodrigo Eguillor, Oriana Sabatini he was one of many celebrities who shared his criticism of the judge's decision-making decision Lomas de Zamora.

. In my country I am very angry at everything about justice, they will continue to harass us, they will continue to violate us and they will continue to kill us as we fall upon us. Iz Until then the gın SCHEME AND EIGHT le actress wrote on Twitter.

Oriana He also talked of disgust: üc We're still dying, people like Rodrigo Eguillor, or, in spite of the failure of the judge that decided to release him, they are at home in the comfort of knowing that they can rape and kill a murderer. There are no results. "

Judicial sources reported that Eguillor was released this afternoon after spending the night in La Plata's Alcaide III, a decision by Lomas de Zamora.

As she left Olmos' s prison, she spoke to the defendant, declared her innocence, and said it was a good treatment in prison service. "They treated me first, they fed me with the mayor phenomenon," he said.

In the afternoon, he had a comprehensive interview with Mauro Viale in the A24.

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