Saturday , October 23 2021

The government expanded the network of existing centers for the implementation of yellow fever vaccination


The Ministry of Health updated a recommendation guide and informed that a yellow vaccine should be vaccinated at least ten days prior to travel and this single dose Enough for life. The government has expanded the nationwide network of networks for vaccination to those planning to travel to the country. risk areas or to countries that require this sanitary requirement.

Population is recommended medical consultation For a professional to identify the indication for vaccination or vaccination against yellow fever at least four weeks ago. If so, you should at least get Ten days before the trip. In any event, it is required to participate with a national ID or passport without exception to obtain a yellow fever vaccine.

The proposal covers people traveling to the states of Brazil. Paraná, Santa Catarina and Río Grande do Sul. The exception is some of the provinces of northeastern Brazil, but remain in force for the rest of the territory of the neighboring country.

In Buenos Aires Autonomous City The shifts can be managed on Monday, Friday from 8-11, to the Muñiz, Pirovano, Argerich, Durand, Grierson hospitals and Health and Community Action Centers (011) 4123-3257. 16 and 8.

While Vaccine Network of the Province Buenos Aires General Interzonal Hospital in Agudos, San José de Campana Hospital consists of the San Juan de Campana Hospital. Vicente López, Bernardo Houssay Hospital, San Miguel Arcángel Hospital, Bella Vista Gregorio Aráoz Alfaro Temperley, Florencio Varela San Pueblo Hospital, Lanús Maspero Sanitary Unit, Central Immunization of Morón, Agudos General Interzonal Hospital, General Patoissian of the Isidro Casanova, Agudos General Interzonal Hospital Alberto Balestrini, General Zonal Hospital Gonzalez Catán & Agudas Simplemente Evita, Doctor Alejandro Posadas de Haedo Hospital, San Justo Central Vaccination and La Plata, Border Health, San Martín Hospital and San Juan de Dios Hospital.

People with the following conditions should not receive the vaccine:

• Children under six months.

• Allergy history to any component of the vaccine: eggs, chicken proteins or gelatin.

• Immune system changes including HIV infection by CD4 + T lymphocyte count.

• Thymus disease, myasthenia gravis, DiGeorge syndrome.

• Other immunodeficiencies, malignant tumors and organ transplantation.

Diseases requiring treatment with immunosuppressants and / or immunomodulators.

Those who are part of the groups listed below have a higher risk of potentially serious side effects associated with vaccination:

• Children between 6 and 8 months of life.

• Adults 60 years and older who have been vaccinated for the first time against yellow fever.

• Breastfeeding women, including up to 8 months of childbirth, can pass the vaccine virus to their children through milk.

• Immune system changes including HIV infection by CD4 + T lymphocyte count.

Recommended for these situations Do not travel with active gearbox yellow fever If the trip cannot be postponed, the doctor should, in either case, offer a medical order and consider the ease of giving the vaccine and / or exemption.

Given the current epidemiological situation, it is recommended that those with contraindications for vaccination should avoid traveling to areas with active virus circulation. The recommendations are dynamic and updated according to epidemiological conditions.

Here is the website to know vaccine sites and their opening hours in all jurisdictions of the country.

In addition, you can make an online return to take the dose in the Border Health Directorate in Buenos Aires neighborhood in that direction La Boca and Sommer National Hospital in Baldomero, Buenos Aires General Rodríguez It is important to have a shift to be vaccinated for the Border Health Directorate, so if you don't have one, you should go to other existing centers by identity or passport without exception.

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