Saturday , February 27 2021

The first medical part of Boca does not refer to a lesion in the eyes of Pablo Pérez.

Boca, Jorge Batista, said in an interview with TyC Sports on Monday that his colleagues from Conmebol asked his colleagues to prepare a medical report detailing the injuries sustained by the team's players in Monumental. Aggression by river supporters.

The medical, informal and urgent letter on a non-letterhead paper, like Batista, did not mention the damage to the left eye of Pablo Pérez. as reported.

Hernán Castillo on Twitter

According to the image, Cristian Pavón, Gino Peruzzi, Carlos Tevez, Lisandro Magallán, Esteban Andrada, Lucas Olaza and Sebastián Villa experienced mucosal irritation, headache and shortness of breath.

As for Agustín Almendra, the picture was the inhalation of the irritating gas-induced bronchospasm, as indicated by the doctor; While Fernando Gago, gas inhalation caused "allergic reaction".

Goalkeeper Javier Bustillo presented a cut wound in his right knee, while Leonardo Jara had a "sharp wound in the heel on the heel".

The party states that Juvenile Gonzalo Lamardo, who accompanied Pablo Pérez in his sanatorium sanatorium, suffered a glass splint in his right eye. The doctor says he has a "foreign body."

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