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The End Of Mystery: New "Game of Thrones" April 2019 – 11/13/2018


Through a video with the most important moments of the series, HBO has announced when the episodes of the eighth and last season will be released. Game of ThronesGeorge R. R. & # 39; s based on the novels of success around the world. Martin.

April 2019 is the date selected for final season.there will be only six episodes. Considering that the seventh part consisted of seven chapters and previous chapters, the fiction will be the shortest delivery. Although it is necessary to take into account an important fact, the departments will be longer. Over 80 minutes.

"Every war, every betrayal, every risk, every fight, every victim, every death, all for the throne," This was the message accompanying the video with the announcement, which increased the expectation of all fans of the series.

"We took a generous budget from HBO, but we knew that what we were offering wasn't generous," says David Benioff, the creator of D.B. Weiss is about the possibility of delivering the end of this story with a film legend.

HBO didn't accept this offer, but tripled the budget for the whole season, so Each of the last six chapters will cost about $ 15 million.

Usual Little and nothing officially know about the plot of new departments Game of Thrones. However, some actors gave their opinion to know the end.

Jon Snow and Daenerys are important characters of the medieval series. Photo Press HBO.

Jon Snow and Daenerys are important characters of the medieval series. Photo Press HBO.

"I felt overwhelmed, I felt anesthesia, I had to go for a walk for a few hours"Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) said the first time he read the script.

Sess He had a very profound effect on me, izce said Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), who, as he explained, took the e-mails together with the scenes, so he was able to quietly, alone and read with a vard cup ı as he had to run home. tea in your hands. "

Of course, as Sophie and Emilia have promised, the latter will be shocking. At least, now the fans know how long they should wait to start seeing him.

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