Wednesday , October 20 2021

The dollar lowers the uptrend and falls to $ 38.54.


In the unregistered market, this operation was carried out in caves in the city of Buenos Aires, the blue opera was fixed at $ 37.50. "Cash payment" rose 79 cents to $ 37.40 on Tuesday.

Yesterday, though, to a lesser extent, the ticket was accompanied by the wholesale segment because it lowered the previous day's strong increase (36 cents). That day, MULC had developed only five cents.

On Thursday, the exchange rate rose to 25 cents and $ 37.70 in a fluctuating climate.

As usual, the Central Bank increased the 7-day Liquidity Bonds auction by an average of 50,009%, maximum 59,728% and at least 57,947%, raising a total of 108,651 million USD.

Maximum values ​​were recorded at $ 38.13 shortly after the start of the session on Wednesday, 78 cents above the final record. In the middle of the day, the supply of foreign currencies began to concentrate in the middle of the day, causing a price drop of $ 38.

Sales orders were highlighted in the last part of the session, which was a period when the exchange rate reached a minimum level of $ 37.55. Finally, a few minutes before the shutdown was confirmed, a small recovery placed the values ​​a bit further than the minimum, but not very close to the highest value.

In this context, transaction volume increased by 7% to US $ 620 million.

"In the local market, increases in exchange rates were once again accompanied by a complex external scenario, but the good level displayed by the proposal has prevented the correction from bringing $ 38 to a redefined ground, and some retained it. "The PR Corredores are also highlighted from Cambio.

They explained that olan the needs of a month with strong demand for pesos are to show a good revenue stream that has corrected bull corrections that reflect external contamination to preserve the stimulus for the first two weeks of the month Onlar.

The good level of the offer prevented the correction from being placed on a floor defined as $ 38 again. "(PR Corridor Change)

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