Saturday , February 27 2021

The dollar had the highest daily increase during the Sandleris period: 3.7% increase and touched $ 40.

By combining the factors that can be mentioned in the disarmament of the vehicle trade and the taking of their positions at the end of the month,l dollar Since Guido Sandleris became a member of the Central Bank, it has risen by $ 3.7 or $ 1.44, up to $ 39.94, and has touched on a new day. In this way, the ticket, the banks of the city of Buenos Aires consecutively accumulated consecutively. I

Was in harmony with Single and Free Foreign Exchange Market (MULC)Currency increased by 3.9% or 1.45 dollars. $ 39.05. BCRA made a 8-day Liquidity Letters tender and returned in a round to confirm the drop in the average rate of 61.237% (61.405% on Friday). The amount was $ 134.579 million.

Iyle There seems to be a revision, such as a dollar, with the combination of factors such as the disarmament of the immovable property, the significant maturities of external obligations and the unexpected start of each month's closing and compensation. an unpredictable size, PR Corredores de Cambio 's operator Gustavo Quintana.
Despite the changes, the Central Bank announced the sources ”In the money market, the effects of this volatility have not yet been seen, because all LELIQ maturities during the day have been renewed without any change in cutoff rates“.

For the second consecutive month, BCRA is on its way to surpass the zero growth target of the monetary base and therefore "will continue to closely monitor the money market that will absorb the excess liquidity that may be available", said the same sources.

Greenback, the price in the region, especially in the currency increased by 2.5% in Brazil, accompanied by appreciation. The Mexican dollar rose 1.01% and 0.2% in Chile.

The dollar was traded with the scenario of net buying tendency and insufficient foreign exchange supply. The prices climbed from the beginning of the day and went on to a considerable size, passing the correction last Friday. On average, it was closed under $ 40, but, as in the case of Galicia, Francés, HSCB and Itaú, there were many banks bidding on this value at the end of the day.

For operator Christian Buteler, the rise of the domestic ticket to the green level is due to three main reasons. First of all, the reserve for the funds that the financial institutions should immobilize in order to prevent the introduction of short-term speculative capital by the Central Bank is at the beginning of the month. In second place, "the pesos of the Lebac disarmament last week" and finally the "Leliq rate decline" implemented by the monetary authority.

The minimums were recorded at $ 37.25 with initial transactions of the session, and were almost moved by the emergence of purchase orders leading to sharp increases in prices. The upward movement of the exchange rate continued until the end of the day, while the highest record reached $ 39.15. The total US $ 724 million was 32.6% more on Friday.

• Other money markets

In the money market between banks, the search money was operated at an average of 60%.

US $ 1511 million in ROFEX. More than 77% of these were accepted between November and December and the final prices were 39.50 and 40.92 US dollars respectively; and TNA ratios of 60.09% and 49.94%. It is estimated that BCRA sells in this market. Maturities were completed with average increases of $ 1.4, which accompanied the rise of the spot.

Meanwhile, in the informal market, the blue rose $ 1.50 – $ 39According to the research of this environment in the caves of the city center of Buenos Aires. "Cash reconciliation" climbed to $ 91, $ 38.72.

Finally, Central Bank reserves fell $ 145 million on Monday to $ 51.591 million.

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