Sunday , October 17 2021

The application will have the "Holiday Mode" function


Consistently, WhatsApp contains functions that seek the comfort of each user. Therefore, he thought his holidays and the idea of ​​relaxation without losing the content of his messages. In Transpired, the application will include "Holiday Mode".

WhatsApp will include
WhatsApp will include "Holiday Mode".

Being the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp It is the favorite place for friends, family or colleagues who want to communicate. However, sometimes the number of messages accumulated may deteriorate. Therefore, the application has designed "Holiday Mode", so you can take full enjoyment of indents.

Although it is difficult to disconnect the phone throughout the year,WhatsApp On holidays I considered a solution to avoid the annoying messages. The application will include "Holiday Mode", which will give users peace of mind that messages will be saved.

With new function WhatsAppWhen you open the application, the messages will not be seen, so you will eliminate "temptation" to open workgroups or work partners. However, if you manually enter the archived chats folder, chats will be available.

According to the WaBeta technology site, "Holiday Mode" assumes group chat is "asleep", but the content is archived and can be accessed at any time.

Also, in Holiday Mode, archived conversations will remain "invisible" to the user even when notifications are received. It was also highlighted that the user would not be able to receive notifications to archive them, knowing that he could choose all the chats that he wanted to stop seeing and would not see them again or know anything unless he would disable the mode. .

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