Friday , June 24 2022

Tagliapietra Judge Marta Yañez – Ask to meet with Télam


Corvette and ARA Luis Tagliapietra, the father of the crew of the crew of San Juan Alejandro Tagliapietra, said on his return to Telam that "the judge (Marta) will speak to Yañez to talk about his activity in Buenos Aires." He has no "logical basis" for him and "removes transparency from the investigation".

The judge went to the Argentine capital for a few days, where he met Defense Minister Oscar Aguad and consulted on the date on which he reached the report raising the Advisory Commission specifically established for the submarine.

He also met with the Navy officials who had given him the first footage of the Navy by the Founder of the Navy; With the members of the Bicameral Commission of the Special Research on Missing, Search and Rescue Operations.

Tagliapietra travels to Cape Town (South Africa) on board the Seabed Constructor, which finds the vessel San Juan and sees the ship at dawn on Saturday (November 17th). He does it on behalf of the divers.
In addition, Tagliapietra, a lawyer for one of the three complaints of relatives of submarines, stressed that Judge Yañez "had such a special meeting that even if they were not confidential."

In the morning, Tagliapietra read Seabed Constructor in an interview with Télam, a judge who referred to a visit to Buenos Aires: "Private meetings have struck me; they may not be confidential; The difference between the hidden is almost zero because it cannot legally frame them in any procedural question ".

"I was personally going to take pictures of you (for Yañez), but I took note of that from Télam, which he said didn't have to go to Buenos Aires., "This job."

Mak He could have asked the Navy to send the images to him right away, and he could do the same to consult the Minister Aguad, who was also investigating the Advisory Commission '' who is investigating the submarines' sinking “.

"The meeting with the Bicameral Commission is different because they are investigating the same thing and I can see that they can reach consensus and work as a team," he said.

Nevertheless, he understood that such encounters should "reduce the transparency of the investigation because, in the event that the meeting is related to procedural issues, the complaints should be reported and the complaints should not be notified of such notifications."

Edi And if the meetings were personal, this is very irregular because a judge has to protect asepsia from all parties, “he added.

Tagliapietra, who consulted with Télam about what measures he is planning to take to return to Cape Town from Cape Town, has announced that he will meet his partner and collaborators first.

"I want to see all the details, then I want to go to the Caleta Olivia court and talk to the judge, and everything will depend on that," she concluded.

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