Friday , December 3 2021

Surprisingly next week, naphtha prices will decline


Next week, depending on the type of naphtha, an average of 2% to 4% will be a drop in fuel prices.

Naftalar will increase from 7% to Friday.
Naftalar will increase from 7% to Friday.

The government was already talking about this possibility with oil companies. Due to the decline in oil prices and the devaluation of the dollar against the pesos stopped.

In December, there is an increase in two taxes: carbon dioxide emission and the transfer to fuels. The first is fixed and adjustments for the second inflation. So far, they have hosted 23.8% of the retail price, but this rate will be higher than next week.

Refineries – those who convert oil to fuel – would reduce shipments to 4%, as they would deliver 8% less shipments to service stations.

Some refineries estimate that naphtha prices should be around 3% during this week. Because in recent days they have realized that the dollar is strengthening again against the peso. However, other companies have taken into account the government's consideration of a peso price for the month against the US currency.

Tır A drop is caused by a drop in the dollar, because the increase in oil prices (33% increase) is not reflected in the prices of the sector. The commodity could go down because it never left, "one of the most oil industry advisors in the industry.

The Energy Secretariat, which reports to the Ministry of Finance, is advancing in the ret competitiveness rapor table for the YPF, Shell and Axion refineries where company officials and managers can discuss the costs of the sector. The authorities believe that local borders are outpacing international margins and that local authorities want to reproduce them.

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