Wednesday , March 3 2021

Supermarkets and shopping centers with red figures | chronic

Sales in Shoecings fell 15.1 percent in September at constant prices at constant prices, regardless of inflation. According to Indec, supermarkets fell by 7.9%. The data confirm that consumption was strong since the middle of the year. In September, in the middle of a recession scenario with the worst data of the year, sales were the third month along with the decline.

Compared to current prices, the turnover of supermarkets and wholesalers, with an increase of 30.8%, reached $ 39.927 million, measured by Indec, with a decrease of 40.5%. Meanwhile, in large shopping centers, current prices were down, reaching $ 5.749 million, down from the actual figure, down 17.2% year-on-year, while lowering inflation.

Market analyst in the last days of the Association of Supermarkets (ASU) Guillermo Oliveto he said "People don't like it, they make restrictions and adaptations"When it comes to the purchase process, consultant Kantar Eorldpanel drew attention to this "This year was far away than expected"and in this frame."companies know they need to reformulate the value proposition to re-activate demand, but can't find clarity at the moment ".

For the ninth month of the year, wholesalers announced a similar decline of 15.4%.

September black

Consumer data in shopping centers and supermarkets are contributing to other worrying figures. For example, white goods sales, which decreased by 1.8% in November 2016 compared to the first quarter of the previous year, experienced a contraction of 2.1%.

According to the industrial data, the decrease in shipment quantities was reduced to the minimum expression in September, less than 5% of the production capacity of white goods, as well as brown like on television. The indentation in other items is estimated between 40% and 50% of the values ​​normally considered for this time.

Meanwhile, retail trade reported a decrease of 9.2% overall. And other items such as car sales also recorded sharp declines, reaching over 40%.

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