Friday , December 3 2021

Superliga | Gymnastics with a team with faces and youth


River will protect its owners for the Copa Libertadores superfinal against Boca in Madrid. to prepare a process with customary substitutions and young people Take the Gymnastics at the Monumental in a match of the fourteenth date of Superliga.

The match will be played at the Antonio Vespucio Liberti stadium at 9.30 am, with Silvio Trucco's arbitration and Fox Sports Premium's television.

The milyon millionaire ayan player, who had been eliminated during the week by the Argentine Cup, was in the hands of the opponent of this Sunday. It has a limited campus due to injury. One of the affected people, Ignacio Scocco, is working against the clock to get rid of the tears on the right calf and join the delegation to Spain.

Juan Fernando Quintero 's "hit" in Colombia, while the other one of the right leg continues to be overloaded in the twins, Uruguayan Rodrigo Mora, a product of a former injury in the hip to fight a synovitis.

Meanwhile, defender Luciano Lollo – a potential initiator against the gymnasium – suffered a stress fracture in the second metatarsal of the right foot, so it would be as low as next year.

Technician with this panorama Marcelo Gallardo concentrated on many youths In tonight's battle, you won't be facing the risk of losing more players for a week against Boca.

The only regular start would be the Colombian Rafael Santos Borré, who was suspended by the accumulation of warnings in Libertadores.

Gymnastics goes with children

La Plata's point of view looks like the River. The leaders led by Pedro Troglio also have a finals ahead – on Thursday, the Copa against the Rosario Center in Argentina – so an alternative formation will be seen during the Monumental visit.

In this way, the team that will jump into the Monumental stadium's playground will be completely different from the one that lifted the Argentine Cup in Mar del Plata.

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