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Street cuts today, Wednesday 28 November 2018

The mobilization of lions and social movements is affecting the traffic in Buenos Aires this Wednesday. Also, there are street cuts for jobs.

Mobilization courts

9. Concentration at Viamonte between Reconquista and San Martín. UBA scholars.

9. condensation at the intersection point. July 9 and hunt. Belgrano (Ministry of Social Development). Ctep, Barrios de pie, Polo Obrero and other organizations.

10. Concentration in Santiago del Estero between Humberto 1 and Carlos Calvo. Confluence outside G20.

18. condensation at the intersection point. Independence and General Urquiza. Autoconvocados.

18. Concentration near the congress. Autoconvocados.

Cortes at work

"Viaducto San Martín"

– Total, instantaneous and sequential sections from the intersection of Osorio and av. Warnes continues av. Warnes, Av. Jorge Newbery, hunting. At points of intersection with the traces of FF.CC. Gral, San Martín.

Period: November 27 – December 26, from December 23 to December 5 (night).

– Partial cutting between Viamonte and hunting in Bouchard. Córdoba, without affecting the streets.

Period: From Monday 26th November to Thursday, January 24th.

Near Level Crossing Álvarez Thomas

– Total av. Álvarez Thomas, between Monroe and Rivera, only allows the entry of borders.

Period: Wednesday, 28 November, 10, Saturday 26 January, estimated.


-Su General:

Álvarez Thomas, Olazábal, Gral Mariano Acha / Holmberg, Congress.

Álvarez Thomas, Blanco Encalada, Diaz Colodrero, Tomas A. Le Breton.

Álvarez Thomas, Monroe, Pacheco, Tomas A. Le Breton.

-Weight Transit:

Álvarez Thomas, av. Of The Incas, av. the Founders.

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