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Smart stores: from San Telmo to the world – 11/25/2018


ABB, abbreviation for Asea Brown BoveriIt is located in the city of Zürich in Switzerland and has been with electrical equipment and all kinds of robots for almost a century. The division of the South Cone is managed by generators, another indicator of the dynamism of renewable energies, under the leadership of the Brazilian José Paiva, who said that in 2017, despite the crises, it closed the 2018 level in terms of sales volume. and investments in technology will fall.

but The company's great innovation is the task force of Argentine engineers who design smart warehouses. These include robots, computerized goods transport systems and electric motor self-propelled trucks. After implementing three of them with Molino, these days when a robot baptized YuMi, and with Mondelez and McCain, the others said, with Telefónica, the emphasis was on the YPF. Warehouse for specialties with lubricants and ten self-propelled trucks.

With this background, ABB has adopted the technology in the center of San Telmo worldwide to the world. Two local industrial facilities have other export technologies, one of which is incubated in Valentin Alsina and the other in Tucumán. Valentin manufactures and exports medium voltage cells in Alsina and produces control systems and process drivers for the rest of Latin America. And they deliver all kinds of keys from the Tucumán facility to the region. However, one of the lesser known aspects of ABB is the specialized robots in the assembly lines for the automotive industry. In the production processes of 70% of the cars made in Argentina, this assistance is 1300.


As we approach 2019, politics manages to bring together the figures of different beliefs. Thus, on Wednesday night, witnesses were surprised to see José de Mendiguren, former president of Aldo Pignanelli, and trade unionist Julio Piumato, Julio Bárbaro at the same table at the traditional Edelweiss. They overlap loud. Dead Cow. And Mendiguren and Piumato, both of whom assisted the Idea Colloquium, told others that 2018 was one of the most boring.

New long life

new long life It is one of the driving forces of the economies of developed countries. Because the phenomenon is revealed the number of older people is more and more. In Argentina, 25% of the population is over 50 years of age – more than 11 million – and according to INDEC, this rate will increase by 3 points in 2030. Of these, 6.8 million are over 60 years old.

According to Alicia Moszkowski, who was the first person to create and create a shopping culture in the 90's in the country, "we have gained more than 30 years of life expectancy in the last decade and we see that the personalities that have been taken before have continued." We recommend new ways to exercise full activity and longevity. Nevertheless, our society is still governed, structured and considered by the reference frameworks of the last century, and one third of our existence is known as retirement or retirement. The new longevity requires changing the paradigm.

Moszkowski Argentina Aging2.0A global network of 25,000 people, pioneering innovation in aging and elderly care, at the intersection of technology. Ekt This section has a significant impact on the lives of elderly people who connect, educate and support innovators at the intersection of technology. With all the disciplines related to this department, Bu he explains. Only the emerging economy in the country. One of the first activities of Aging2.0; To identify the innovation of local companies for this segment.

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