Monday , June 27 2022

Six months after the tragedy of Parravicini: the memory of a couple of victims


"Miguel: The last memory of May 23, 2018 was when you left me to work, I'm calling you at 22.30, you told me, but it wasn't because of death, not in any way. (September 24-500) collapse could have been prevented, but the irresponsibility and negligence of the responsible company produced death and death of your mother..

With these words Lucrecia Augier he remembered Miguel MorandiniOld Parravicini is one of the three people who died tragically on Wednesday in September after the façade of the cinema was concentrated on September 24th.

Lucrecia was a couple Morandini. The collapse of Parravicini's structure surprised her and her mother, María Cristina SosaAt the age of 80, after parking their car in a garage, they walked around to pick up the cell phone. Miguel was an agronomist and worked at the Agroindustrial Experimental Station in Obispo Colombres.

Víctor Hugo Aranda He was the third victim of tragedy. She was a "sick" of San Martin and in the days of the collapse she went to San Martin to buy a tee-shirt for a sports outfit. Because Reduced was mad at the team's final to play.

Regarding the participation of dozens of civilians, the security forces' teams and the emergency services of the state and the Nation, the bodies of these three people were removed from the bricks. .

Today, the old movie shows six months of Parravicini's tragedy. On May 23rd, at 20.30, the facade of the historic building from September 24 to 500 collapsed and three people were killed. There are still no defendants on the case.

Journalist Carla MoraThe daughter of Lucrecia, he wrote the nights with Miguel. In his social network account, he learned the details of the agronomist's death and had to live with his mother.

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