Wednesday , December 1 2021

SEGA accidentally leaked Dreamcast Mini


A few days after the launch of the PlayStation Classic, it might have appeared what another console would be to join the fashion of miniature versions. In this case, it would have leaked SEGAand maybe accidentally. All, following a survey launched by the company (in Japan) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the console. The question he said is: What is your favorite Dreamcast model?

From there, the theme was DreamcastGAGA, which increased the expectation. In any case, SEGA has neither endorsed nor rejected the information, so we have to wait to get rid of suspicions. What is clear is that, if the Japanese company wanted to open the way and discover what the expectations of the users were, they succeeded with flying colors. Specifically, users turned to the survey.

Not in vain, it is one of the most popular SEGA consoles by Dreamcast fans. In addition to being the pioneer of business models that are really common nowadays, they did not happen very often. Without further proceeding, he became one of the first bettors to the online consoles. Not only with special games like Phantasy Star Online, but also with more typical titles of PC. For example, with the Quake III Arena version that does not have an online multiplayer mode in PS2.

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