Friday , June 24 2022

See Superclásico as he thinks "end of the world"


FIFA President Gianni Infantino came to Turkey on Thursday to not miss the Boca Dam, which he described as the "World Final".

Infantino did not want to miss the game that would paralyze Argentinians. And so he decided to witness this missing event in the Monumental and witness the finale of the Copa Libertadores, which began at the age of 17.

Yesterday at noon, the FIFA president had lunch with the highest soccer officials in a restaurant in Puerto Madero. The head of Conmebola, Alejandro Dominguez and Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio and Daniel Angelici, presidents of River and Boca respectively.

. It's good to be with these two clubs, this incredible, fantastic, gorgeous final, you should invent new words for this game, it's no longer a Superclásico, it's a megasuperclásico like the final of a world, "he said. The highest organism in world football

A Swiss dream to fulfill. I could never see a Superclásico and this will be conducive to the situation. His stay will be short, because after the game plans to return to the Old Continent.

Let us add that Infantino will return to our country to speak in G20 next week in Buenos Aires.

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