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Scoring one goal per hour, Manchester City beat Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

Duel between Manchester city and Borussia Dortmund and with a high level of play, the English team won the first leg of the quarter-finals 2-1. Champions League.

The first 15 minutes were analysis between both teams. The local chose the usual tenure scenario, far from despairing, but despite being less vertical than usual, he was more attentive to a possible mistake made by the opponent rather than an individual act of imbalance. And this plan worked perfectly.

In 18 minutes Emre Can he initially made a mistake and the ball Kevin de BruyneCommanding a perfect counterattack Borussia Dortmund completely open. Phil Foden reached the bottom left, started a cross hunt Riyad Mahrez and that, after ruling the ailments, the Belgian was released back to define everything in the region with a strong right.

The remainder of the first half lacked scoring status as the German team couldn’t hit any of their counter attacks, but the defense was very effective and did not allow the shot attack. City creates danger. The only argument is that the Romanian referee Ovidio Hategan blame Emre Canbut after reviewing the action WHERE he saw that there was no violation and gave up his decision. Thus, the first stage ended from 1 to 0.

Reus marked 1 to 1 partial (Reuters)
Reus marked 1 to 1 partial (Reuters)

Complement Manchester city went out. Borussia bortmund from time to time he stole the ball, created some situations and revealed all the shortcomings. Eternal tenure became predictable and Guardiola sent to court Gabriel Jesus looking for something else in the attack, even though it does not serve him well.

Without a bang, the local player drowned in his own game and barely approached the opposing target in some isolated counter-attacks. Taking advantage of all this, the German team shouted 1 to 1 with five remaining ones. Bellingham collected men from the left and searched. HaalandThe person who turned his back on the goal (an important function that the English team never used because he was not a middle forward) first filtered out a perfect pass. Marco reus Get Pra head-on and shoot a diagonal shot to unleash the madness.

Equality seemed to be what the heavenly picture needed to awaken and try to attack many people. Because after scoring the goal, the locals came out with everything thanks to a pivot from right to left in their quest for victory in the 89th minute. Kevin de bruyne to bite Gundogan almost exceeding the baseline and starting to retreat, so Foden Finish and mark the last 2 to 1.

Thus, the key to the April 14 revenge, Borussia Dortmund knowing that he will only reach the semi-finals from 1 to 0, City You will buy the ticket with a tie.


Referee: Ovidio Hategan (ROM)

Stadium: Etihad Stadium


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