Friday , March 5 2021

Scary Phobia that must overcome Maradona's future son

Ever since she announced that she would be the mother of a daughter, her first daughter was with her husband Andrés Caldarelli, Dalma Maradona He was encouraged to reveal his fears. Months ago, she confessed to panic at the time of delivery. Several hours ago, he published a long article on his Instagram account, which he said to more than 500,000 followers, for the first time, only because he had gone to draw blood.

Next to the picture in the car, showing his arms with gauze Dalma Maradona He began to re-establish a relationship: "So, he told himself with a comprehensive version on Instagram:" Not to mention too much of the pregnancy because it is all the experts and the aim of Instiyo opinólogos! But today I have to tell you that I had to work today to find out if I had a diabetic diabetic, completely routine! (Moms know what I'm talking about). And I always remembered that I had too much fear of taking blood, and I had to give me the vaccines! When I am my turn to vaccinate and escape the street, you can ask Claudiavillafaneok to tell me what to do as a girl. Or she wasn't such a little girl, I cried for blood and even accompanied me, if she weren't so small.

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"Today, this study consisted of drinking blood (tasting for many tubes), drinking a sweet liquid (very, very, sweet). Wait for 2 hours and take blood again (less tubes than before, but eventually another). I did the canchera for my stay and boredom and FEAR! The point is, in a box of my baby, I beat a magnificent nation when drawing blood and I swear that I swore ğ I WANT TO MAKE THE SAME! era, watched El Diez's daughter.

"But I guess I didn't give myself time to make friends with anyone. And there, I was making a BIN BOOK (exaggerated number 1) and I realized that it wasn't very serious, and everyone was VERY, VERY, VERY WORKING! I realize that some things aren't optional, just like when I wanted to make a fuss, not anymore! ın He continued.

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"We are waiting for Pipita linda … THOUSAND BUILDING, but I'm TOUCHING THE BIRTH BIRTH DAY … Thanks! It's an apology to tell them not to be afraid of anything! clarified Dalma MaradonBefore the criticism begins.


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