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Scandalous photos of the alleged infidelity of a famous actor

November 27, 2018 06:41

Kit is cheating on his wife, Rose Leslie, in Harington.

In June, they married a fairy tale worthy of love after playing in the story. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie met and fell in love with Game of Thrones.

Up to five months, everything depends on the scandal. A Russian model claimed to have sex with the English actor. Her name is Olga Vlasova, and in the photographs she looks like Harington, someone infiltrated photographs of networks with drunks that were naked in bed.

Interpreters from Jon Snow rejected him. ”The charges are completely wrong,“ he said.

They did not explain the actress's surroundings. On the edge of separation?

Look at the photos:

Kit Harington? Photos of the Scandal

Photo spreading Russian model



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