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"Say Zeo? Welcome …" – 06/12/2018


Each time is less needed, so the superclásico of the year is played and discussions are gradually increasing. This time, the focus was on Darío Benedetto, who asked about the situation of Rafael Di Zeo and left a certain expression:”Not the actors' issues, I think it's a fan, and if they could do that, it would be something for us, because it's welcome, because it's a historic leader of the bar.“

Benedetto forbids Di Zeo

Boca striker, "If he was able to win, it would be something for us, because this bar is accepted as a historical leader." Said. (Video: El Chiringuito TV)

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The debate revolves around empowerment to allow the La 12 boss to participate in the finals. Not only in Argentina, but also in Spain, the different media in the region "Peligo!" or "Fear for bars".

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Although he was allowed to enter the country, Di Zeo was on the list of Boca fans who had the right to be admitted and were therefore not allowed to enter the stadiums. Even if he is, Pipa doesn't look back on his presence and welcomes him …

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