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Salta: Belgrano Cargas destroyed a railroad bridge – 07/12/2018


A railway bridge crossing the Colorado River at the height of the village of Salta in Pictan, collapsed as a train passes Belgrano Burdens.

The incident took place on Friday at 11 o'clock. The iron structure caused the weight to occur with the formation of 13 wagons. Tabacal for PicacalIt is in the north of the state capital.

Trenes Argentinos Cargas "destroyed the metal structure in two parts of the Belgrano Line's 300-meter railway bridge over the Colorado River."

The company, "crossing the bridge providing access to the Tabacal sugar factory located in the secondary road of the C16 branch, 11 trapped wagons fell into the trap and 9043 trains from the sugar factory in Buenos Aires moved to 13 wagon," he added.

As reported Grandstand, Machinist – single passenger of the train still He did not take the locomotive and reported the accident to 911.

The bridge was long gone in 2016 after a heavy rainstorm and the flooding of the Colorado River. Iron foundations and concrete foundations were repaired and various resistance tests were performed before they were activated again in August 2017.

This is an important link to the town San Ramón de la Nueva QuoteThe second largest urban center of Salta, a few kilometers from the ground.

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