Monday , December 6 2021

Russian Space Agency Ends Elon Musk as Monopoly


Russia's space program is attempting to repair its reputation for reliability after a failed launch, as it enters an unprecedented foreign competition to enter its orbit.

On Monday, the Roscosmos agency would try to launch its first team into space at a Soyuz rocket, because a failure in a similar model forced the failure of the Russian Alexey Ovchinin and the American Nick Hague to leave their tenure after their mandate in October. Since 1975, they have made the first emergency landing on the ship.

NASA Deputy Director William Gerstenmaier, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, US astronaut Anne McClain and Canadian David Saint-Jacques are planning to participate in the launch of Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to send it to the International Space Station. However, a successful task does not destroy storm clouds on the horizon for Russia's space program.

The recent failures in the Roscosmos have corrupted the Soviet heritage as the first manned space program, including a series of unsuccessful launches and false accusations. Adding to its frustrations, it now faces the prospect of its revenue reduction for the space station with the end of the seven-year monopoly on ferry to people.

. Obviously, they're concerned, sten Gerstenmaier said in an interview in Moscow before going to Baikonaur, in order to send US astronauts into orbit. "They share some of the same problems they do – there is a limited amount of budget in our country and space flight is part of the optional budget."

Cheaper rockets

Millionaire Elon Musk's Space Research Technologies Inc. and Boeing Co. have contracts to deliver astronauts to the ISS, which will start next year as part of NASA's Commercial Crew project. An anthem from around the world also uses cheaper rockets to place shortened satellites into space, which challenges the profitable launch of Roscosmos.

Roscosmos' press service refused to comment on NASA's potential revenue loss. NASA won $ 2.6 billion for carrying astronauts and equipment from the US to the ISS, as it will retire its fleet of space shuttles in 2011.

According to the annual report released on Friday, Russia's market share in rocket technology has dropped slightly in 2017 and was charged with Roscosmos' sanctions, weak rubles and increasing competition charges. He has been named SpaceX, who is allegedly undermined by the US government aid.

Based on the technology developed decades ago in the Soviet Union, Russia may find it increasingly involved in the new space race. Gerstenmaier said that although NASA had a contract to send an astronaut to the ISS with Roscosmos until 2020, the Commercial Crew program would stop paying for the seats in Soyuz, if it went to plan.

Basically stolen & # 39;

The wind fund from the United States is not always wisely wasted. The head of the country's Supervisory Service, Alexei Kudrin, told the Russian parliament's lower house in June that the books of Roscosmos had a financial violation of 760 billion rubles ($ 11.4 billion).

Da A few billion have been spent, basically stolen, we're currently investigating, "Kudrin said in an interview on November 25th in the TV show. "Roscosmos is the champion in terms of the scale of such violations."

Kudos & # 39; s review of 2017 audits, Roscosmos Tass told the news service.

The agency has encountered a number of other problems. The RBC newspaper reported last week that a critical error has been identified in the launch of the newest cosmos of Russia (Vostochny) in the Far East. Separately, a commission is still investigating the cause of a mysterious hole found in a Russian module of the ISS. According to Gerstenmaier, although no final report is expected by February, a space march is planned for December 11 to further investigate the issue.

Nevertheless, Soyuz remains the most widely used launch vehicle in history and hit a sensor damaged during assembly, as the Roscosmos had unmanned ups and downs in October.

"We see tremendous advantages that we work with and cooperate with." Said. Both agencies "are pursuing different abilities, or even in some areas there is little competition, which is healthy," he said.

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