Saturday , February 27 2021

Russia confirmed the arrival of NASA Moon, says Roscosmos chief

The head of Russia's national space agency would probably extend his tongue to his cheek, saying his next month post would verify whether NASA's Apollo missions really landed there. Probably.

He said that the growing divide between trust between East and West underscores the spread of propaganda and information battles to new levels and on almost every issue in social media.

Dmitry Rogozin, president of Roscosmos, referred to a conspiracy theory that refused to die: NASA's meeting with Hollywood (especially 2001: A Space Odyssey Director Stanley Kubrick) to make a landing on the Moon as a triumph of Cold War propaganda.

On the contrary, despite the mountains of hard evidence, such pennies helped keep the easily debunked theory alive.

Rogozin, the President of Moldova Kgor Dodon was taken during his meeting.

The question was asked: did NASA really believe the Moon in 1969?

Rogozin replied: ı We wanted this goal to check that they were flying away Rog.

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His body language interprets the comment: Worst of all, at worst was a punk. However, this does not seem to carry crowds of conspirators looking for any ammunition to add to their denials.

What is undisputed is Russia's plans to send the first Cosmonaut Moon in the early 2030s, despite its challenging economy and international sanctions against the occupation of the Crimea. The plan is to provide sufficient materials and facilities for the visit for two weeks.

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Rogozin, China, Europe and the offer to cooperate with the United States said he wanted. In 2017 Russia signed an agreement to cooperate with the US to build a space station in the Lunar orbit called the Deep Space Gateway.


NASA managed to put the first man in the Moon, Neil Armstrong, in July 1969. The Earth, which was first launched from Cape Canaveral, orbit, left the place of the Apollo 11 mission – and then, when it came back, it was under tension.

And it is not Russia's first suspicion of NASA's achievements for the first time.

Until 2015, Russian Research Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin demanded an international investigation into the disappearance of high-resolution, color film footage from the ups and downs of 1969. He also questioned the presence of rock samples from the moon's surface.

“We don't claim they didn't fly. [to the Moon]and he made a film about it, hakkında Markin said. Ort However, all these works, which are scientific or maybe cultural, are a part of the legacy of humanity and our disappearance without a trace is our common loss. An investigation will reveal what happened. "

But there is a reason for Russia to discredit NASA's achievements: it not only beats on the surface of the Moon, but in the mid-1970s, after four rockets exploded, it had to give up its Moon-shot program.

But NASA was not their own failure. In an effort to reduce costs, over 200,000 tape recordings of overflows were overwritten. Then a film restoration company, the broadcasting of the images taken by the broadcast television and asked to be reproduced.

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