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Rogelio Frigerio: olmak A businessman is no longer a concern for the Government from becoming a billionaire Rog


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Minister of Interior

Rogelio Frigerio

today she is referring to
Expressions of Eduardo Constantini, a businessman who claims to have greatly affected the devaluation's existence.

"This is not an Argentinean businessman who is a billionaire, a concern for the Government," he said, speaking with the journalist this morning.

María Julia Oliván

By National Radio. "We are concerned about the recovery of job creation in the private sector."

In his projects, Frigerio said the business plan was in danger because of lack of funding. "There were two things that hit our strategy: [la causa de]


and Argentina's financing was cut in April this year. In addition, many of the companies awarded and awarded for PPP are stained with the causes of corruption, "he said.

However, he confirmed


The next year "includes the resources needed to complete all work in progress", although "more companies come to work in Argentina" is necessary to explain.

This week, Constantini referred to the statements that became viral to the effect of the devaluation on the property. "There was a great loss in assets, we stopped being many billionaires in Argentina," he said.

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