Wednesday , October 20 2021

Rodrigo Eguillor sues a girl for sexual exploitation and condemns her father


Rodrigo EguillorYoung man accused of sexual harassment in part of San Telmo, arrested for resistance to authority and later releasedRoberto Pettinato in La Plata challenged his whistle after leaving the departmental Alcaidea. A release signed by the Nº2 Warranties of Lomas de Zamorathe same jurisdiction as his mother worked, criminal prosecutor Paula Martínez Castro. "No test", he assured.

By the way, plot of a twist Started in the courts of Buenos Aires. November 13Three days before the attack on the balcony of Piedras street Eguillor complained of sexual abuse accredited judicial sources Infoba to. The accused A young woman of the same age.

Complaint Dr. Silvia Ramond's 37th his instructions Office Number 11. Cause – details unknown – Process continues after Eguillor approves the complaint In court; The Prosecutor's Office in Paraguay Street has requested information to the young man who has not been seen before the researchers. accused Not yet explored.

This is a it wasn't the only blame the young man had formalized this year.: also he condemned his own father, A businessman with 54 people living in Ezeiza, registered in the gambling area. The file which started in court no. "In Process"Verifies a source in the cause.

At the press conference, while leaving Alcaidia, Eguillor was bring togetherrco"After a few interviews in the Ezeiza hall Tuesday afternoon He said it was "sad" for him. in life Instagram & # 39;.

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