Wednesday , December 1 2021

River does not want to play Copa Libertadores Super Final in Madrid now


Title Libertadores Cup inside Spain. After withdrawal Bombonera and recorded events in the immediate vicinity monumental, CONMEBOL He decided to take a rematch to the court. real Madrid

Like an irony, history December 9. One day remembered by The Battle of Ayacucho between 1824, The last major conflict in the land campaigns of the Spanish-American independence wars.

In this context, Núñez "They issued an official statement confirming that they refused to carry their headquarters to the Spanish capital."denaturing the competition, it hurts the partners who have already entered into power and affects the equality of sports conditions for the local..

the document millionaire argues responsibility Events that occur around Antonio Vespucio Liberti it is based insufficiency of security operation and this 66,000 followers Those in the stadium were injured on the stage. More than 8 hours on Saturday, then enter the next day again.

Yesterday, on Friday, November 30, from the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), River Plate confirmed that it refused to replace the venue. The club knows that the decision distorts competition, damages buyers, and equality of circumstances affects the loss of the local situation.

The following are the reasons that River Plate supports the above mentioned position:

The responsibility for the failure of the security operation on Saturday 24th of this month, which took place outside the ring for the event, was publicly recognized and notoriously acknowledged by the state's highest authorities. This means that the events in which River Plate & # 39; s remorse and timely sympathy are not the responsibility of the club in any way.

– More than 66,000 people stood patiently on Saturday for about eight hours and returned to the stadium for a second Sunday. The same viewers are now denied the possibility of witnessing the demonstration, despite the inaccuracy – the distance to costs and the space chosen.

– It is inconceivable that the most important classic of Argentinean football cannot develop normally in the same country in the days when G20 is developing. Argentinean football as a whole and the Argentinean Football Association (AFA) cannot allow and allow a handful of violent people to prevent the development of Superclásico in our country.

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