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River-Boca: Daniel Angelici has said that Boca will cross all over Asunción – 11/25/2018


Daniel Angelici and Guillermo Barros Schelotto were determined to explain his disagreements about playing the game. He had announced a press conference for two in the afternoon from the hotel, where he focused on the team in Puerto Madero. Conmebol president Alejandro Domínguez & # 39; s announced the suspension of the final return by communicating with the break. In principle, the seat of the South American side of the day and hour will be solved on Tuesday at Asunción. But Boca wants the Conmebol Discipline Unit's decision. That means He demands the application of Article 18 of the Conmebole regulation, which foresees the possibility of punishing River Plate and crowns the Boca championship of Copa Libertadores.

Shortly after 14.30 the president and coach expressed the position of Boca. And Angelici was strong in his monologue:I'm one of those who think the matches have been won and lost in court. But I have a question as president of the club and I have to stick to the charter. You have a commission that is autonomous and has to review the file. We were called for a meeting on Tuesday, but I'll tell you what I said now, read the 15-page file and give us an official answer.. See you later ".

At the end of the mini-conference Boca was the strongest. And also, he explained why he signed on Saturday. The Convention of the Gentlemen River head Rodolfo together with Alejandro Domínguez from Onofrio and Conmebol.

"When I give the word I have fulfilled, I have some kind of existence. I could play today but I signed on equal footing. And when I read that there was a stone, I thought it was funny. I talked to him at the age of ten and asked him to bring me a sketch, then I was working on him. "We owe it to the Boca fan, who has a lot of things happening lately."

A few minutes ago, he was the first to talk to Guillermo Barros Schelotto. And twin He always stated that his team had a disadvantage to play this Sunday. . I shouldn't be, it's not what we live in before a finale where we have to live. The best thing for Boca was not to play, because we weren't in the same conditions as the river.. What we didn't have to do with the party in the Libertadores final, where we live for 24 hours, "said Boca coach.

In addition, Guillermo said that they were working to win the Cup for the whole year, and that the demand and concentration they demanded from their players was impossible under these conditions. And he refused to repeat what happened. "There is videos. I don't have to say that. Everyone knows how ugly we live in the micro and in the locker room." "The president must speak for management. To play a final pear, we have to be in the same conditions. "

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