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River-Boca: Assistant who made the "World" error and retired after the Superfinal – 11/23/2018


When there is an argument of arbitration, he is usually the chief arbitrator in the center of the stage. It stores the names of very few assistants or line judges. But he hasn't played the second finale to define a B line oca between Boca and Boca, the champion of America. Twitter was a trend and almost all media were repeated. About Mauricio EspinosaJudge Andrés Cunha will be number two assistant to direct him to the Monumental stadium. And for the second pennant, supported by his compatriot Jorge Larrionda, in addition, it will be his last match: He retires after the Superfinal.

Why was there an interference? Espinosa has no good history. In fact, in the eighth finals of the 2010 World Cup, he was marked by not validating the "ghost target" by Frank Lampard from Britain. neither Espinosa nor the referee of this meeting (in such a … Larrion, exactly) realized. Exactly, this move was one of those who kicked out what VAR is now (the video system helps the referee).

The referees, who will be in the superfinal, will meet at the center of Conmebol for the first time in the history of Libertadores. (Photo: Conmebol Press).

The referees, who will be in the superfinal, will meet at the center of Conmebol for the first time in the history of Libertadores. (Photo: Conmebol Press).

For the first time, the referees appointed for the grand final have been concentrated on Wednesday, in the center of Conqueebol, in Luque (Paraguay). They practiced on Wednesday and Thursday with the chief judge (Cunha), his assistants (Tarán, Espinosa plus Víctor Hugo Carrillo) and VAR judges (Leodán González, Esteban Ostojich, Richard Trinidad and Martin Vázquez and Carlos Torres). Technical instructions

Son For the first time, the referees talked about the characteristics of each team, the game planning, the characteristics of each team, before the game ı We want justice and more transparency in South American football…, the President of the Arbitration Commission, including Larrion, Héctor Baldassi and Oscar Ruiz, Brazilian Wilson He said the Seneme was also included. Cunha, "the message given to the players, to enjoy this final, they live with respect and peace and fair play is that." She loved it.

Andrés Cunha asked for

Andrés Cunha asked for "peace and fair play" in the final. (Photo: Conmebol Press).

Larrion was the representative of the Commission in the semi-final debate between Lanús and River de la Libertadores 2017, where the team was classified. vermeil after converting the sequence to Marcelo Gallardo. In this match, the main referee (Colombian Wilmar Roldan) and Andrés Cunha led VAR, who would also manage River-Boca, and imposed a clear penalty for River, which Ignacio Scocco would define and Iván Marcone. They did not take a blow to the face of Ariann Rojas, who had been deported by Román Martínez.

In her curriculum, Larrion has 15 plays directed to Boca, one of the team's top South American referees. Xeneize international. All these cocktails went unnoticed by Núñez and warned the River. Some have reminded that Espinosa is an assistant in the final against Tigres. Insecurity started from social networks connected to support sites "Millionaire".

Anyway, there are those who think the judges will be watching too much because the eyes of the world will be placed in this game. However, the Argentine is deprived of everything in football. And above all. If you've come face to face with River and Boca, and there's a lot of interest, except for Copa Libertadores, which is more than football.

The suspects recall the late Julio Grondona's statement, "Pay attention to the lines you have said." He added: "In the 64 years we played with Santos, I defeated the Dutchman, Leo Horn, with both lines." The former president of AFA referred to Libertadores' semi-finals. This year Independiente, the Brazilian side eliminated two controversial goals.

2004 Héctor Baldassi (now part of the Conmebol Arbitration Commission) dismissed Rubens Sambueza as he recalled another Transcendental river-Boca during the extradition of Copa Libertadores semi-finals, because he met Gilberto Tadeo, the number 1 deputy in the meeting. I talked more. " To date, Sambueza, the former midfielder in Mexico, Toluca today, swears in every report, "I never insult him or say anything strange," so Tadeo made that decision.

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